Bulabog Puti-an National Park

Bulabog Puti-an quick overview:

Dingle is known for its caves, century-old trees and faunas. A day hike in Bulabog Puti-an National Park is great for a starter in caving courses. It has a number of caves that you can enter. Most of them are easy courses.

While on the trek, you may encounter a lot of different species of butterflies, ants and many more insects. This place is also known for its bats, vipers, orange tarantula and their so-called taylor swift scorpion. The trek course is not that hard. It is also a good place for family adventures. You can actually expose your kids to nature in this place. Just be cautious and to have an assurance of safety, make sure to have a tour guide.

Here are some picture you might encounter as well as things to take note for the adventure.

In order to reach Dingle, ride a “Dingle” jeepney in Tagbak Terminal, Jaro in the City of Iloilo. Once in the town proper of Dingle, you can hire a trike, which will take you to the park’s receiving area. Prepare few amount of money for the entrance fee. 10Php for the locals and 80Php for the foreigners. There are tour guides available depending on your negotiation but the average cost would be 180-200 Php.

When trekking, you are suggested to wear helmets for safety purposes. Caving is fun but also need precautions. If you don’t have your own helmet, you can rent there for about 20 Php only.

The hike would last about 2-5 hours depending on your pace. But more or less it’s a 3-hour course. The cave there are very historical in nature. It is also considered as an archeological site since it was used as a hideout by the revolutionary forces in Iloilo during the Spanish occupational period. Many of the caves’ walls still has inscriptions during the war by the heroes of the past. One of the text engraved there is “Los Republicanos Juran Morir Antes Que Entregarse,” which means The Republicans Swear To die Before Surrendering.

Limestones are used as ladder in some of the caves in order to go in and out. And for the record, It is the same material used for the construction of the century-old Dingle Church. ( You can visit the church before or after your trek if you wanted to.)

When trekking, it is recommendable to wear sturdy rubber shoes to make your trek easier. Because the trail is so rocky. You’ll pass through different caves depending on the trail your tour guide leads you but usually they ask you if you want to pass through a certain cave.

Warning: When you enter some of the save where numerous bats live, the odor of the cave is extremely strong. But you’ll get used to it in the long run. Well, it’s part of the adventure.


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