Traverse the Mount Napulak

Have you ever wanted to be as high as the clouds, or maybe higher than them?
Do you want or love to trek, hike and traverse? Do you like to see the vastness of Panay Island? Well, Mount Napulak is the place!

As for beginners this mountain would take 6-9 hours trekking to the peak. It would be great if you’ll camp there for a night to really gain the full experience. Because when you’ll wake up in the morning, you will feel the cold breeze and the warm heat of the sun. There’s a big rock to climb in order to fully have a great view of the whole panay. You can see Mount Kanlaon which is located in Negros Occidental, Mount Madia-as in Antique and a lot more mountains and rivers in the Panay islands. My friend, who lives in the U.S, even thought that it was in the Southern part of California.

This would be a great place to hike for beginners and experienced mountaineers as well. Though I say, it’s not suitable for some ages or probably anyone who has a medical condition or anyone who’s not physically and mentally prepared. For one will experience rough, wet, slimy, grassy, rocky and muddy pathways while trekking. Rating its difficulty, A 3 out of 5 rating for the course. It’s not that dangerous as long as there are tour guides and fellow experienced mountaineers with you.

So you want to visit this breath-taking peak?

Here are some of the things to take note:

  1. Clothes
    Yes! Clothes are big factors. Make sure you’re wearing a top with sleeves, trek pants, shoes and don’t forget your gloves. Because during the traverse, you’ll be climbing towards the steep peak with nothing to hold on but the grass. Without the gloves, you’ll end up with a hand full of small cuts.Also Make sure to have thermal wears. It’ll be so cold during your sleep without those.
  2. Empty water bottles
    As you can see, if you have a heavy load of water supply in your backpack, you’ll be exhausted fat which will slow you or your group down in reaching the top. Which may probably hinder you to see the sunset at the peak.So the best thing to do is to bring empty water bottles because as you go on trek there are potable water supplies in the mountains.
  3. Food
    In terms of food, That depends on you if you’ll stick with canned goods or bring raw food and cook during your resting hours. Don’t worry. There are areas where you can cook food. Just bring a cooking apparatus for as well as butane gas. Don’t forget of course your cooking wares.Tip: As a mountaineering enthusiast, invest on those types of things for it will be very useful when you’ll have another trek or hike in other mountains.
  4. Tent
    Make sure to have a cover for your ground when you set up your campsite at the peak because the weather is unpredictable. Without ground mats, you’ll pretty sure be wet inside when it’ll rain.Aside from a mat outside the tent, have a mat for the inside. Even just a small mat or what they call as insulators. This will prevent you to contact directly to the ground to prevent or lessen the coolness during your sleep.
  5. Backpack
    Since this trek will be a dry-wet adventure, make sure to waterproof your backpack. Waterproofing doesn’t really mean that your bag should be water-resistant but rather put it in a big plastic before putting it inside your backpack. This will prevent moist or raindrop to enter your things inside your backpack.
  6. Trash
    Make sure you don’t leave anything behind even your garbage. This is to show respect to the nature as well as to your fellow mountaineers.

Always remember!

I think you’re ready!
Go pack other essential things you need for the trip and we’re all set!


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