Hi there!

Let me introduce to you theĀ 4 sides of me.

The Sophisticated

Well, I do excel in school. I strive for better grades and introduce myself to different activities. I give time for education for it really means a lot to my family.

The Serious

I rarely get serious. And being serious too long makes it the worse minutes of my life!

The Playful/Goofy

Yes, people see me as a goofy, playful, weird and young-at-heart person. I always keep in mind that I need to radiate happy and positive thoughts to everyone.

The Wanderlust

Yehey for adventures! This is my most fave part of myself for it exposes me to different culture, society and experiences. This is where I slowly learn who I really am.


About this site…

I made this to share my experiences and thoughts on random things. May it be on tangible things or incredible adventures.

As you go through my site, I hope you’ll be inspired to live your life as happy and worthy it could be.